From Dr. Christopher Salute’s That Professor Life Blog

So, you’re not employed… I know what you’re thinking. Your world is crashing down. Bills, rent… what will you eat? Will you have to go on unemployment? Yuck! What are you going to tell your friends and family? Do you have to change your social media status? 

Bottom Line: it happens. There used to be such a stigma around the unemployment line. But, I think the recession of 2002-2004, the crash of 2008, and more recently the COVID-19 Pandemic have shown us that nobody is impervious to the pink slip. 

But, you’re anxious about it. And, that’s a good thing. You should be. Anxiety creates several types of reactions. One of the most common is paralysis. This, we don’t like. The other reaction folks have to anxiety could be… MOVEMENT. 

Every time I’ve been anxious about employment, the first thing I’ve done was to apply to a bunch of positions, immediately… quick, fast, dirty. Not productive… just busy. Sure, it was something to do… but it’s like going on a dating app the minute your partner breaks up with you. You’re not ready for that. 

Budgeting…. Check. 

Reaching out to your network and mentors… double check. 

But, the rest of what you should do starts within. This is the perfect opportunity for you to look for a life adjustment. You’ve hard the statistic that most folks change CAREERS (not jobs) 5-7 times on average. So, let’s figure out how to get you into some new digs. 

Now, you’re probably thinking I’m going to tell you to follow your dreams… But, I’m sorry. I’m not. Your dreams can wait. I know I sound like a “Boomer.” But, I am a Millennial… I am the King Dreamer. 

Do you know why dreams happen in your sleep? Because they occur when you’re doing working and living all day. Same is to be said of your life’s dreams. You can’t realize your dreams without funding. Now, one in a billion are the Zuckerbergs and Musks. And, if you want to go that route… sure… try it. Best of luck. 

The way most people realize their dreams is through hard work and years of savings and building skills. What kinds of skills… the types of skills you wouldn’t want to pay someone else to do like… 

Web Development / Coding



Law and Accounting are pretty long commitments. The Bar the CPA exams are two of the least passed exams in the country. The next hard skill to look at is coding. Most universities don’t teach enough computer science hard skills. So, look at certificates and bootcamps so that you can get back on your feet quickly. 

Unemployment can be a curse… but also a blessing. Do you ever get sick and realize that your body was telling you to chill out and slow down? Your time unemployed can be the same… time for you to retool, reskill, and readjust.