August 20 – Going Bold Network Targets Men’s Issues, Cancel Culture

No Longer Solo 

Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships, Divorce, Dating & Life Transition Coach, began the Going Solo Network (WGSN-DB) in 2016. “Changing Lives 1 Talk Show at a time” 

Dr. Christopher Salute and Cece Shatz

WGSN-DB Going Solo Network, Radio, TV & Podcasting – The Singles Internet Media Connection estab 2016 has been Embracing Singles in Relationship Loss, Divorce, Dating, Single Family Matters, Empowerment, Business, Good Reads, Heath, Inspiration, Spiritual 

Led by Shatz and a group of enthusiastic hosts, WGSN-DB Going Solo Network, Radio, TV & Podcasting, presents a hip Single’s Interactive Internet Talk Community geared towards Single’s transition to living their BEST Life with 24/7 live streaming radio shows! You can find them at Check out the schedule on

Their hosts and awesome guests connect worldwide and chat about tough & fun subjects such as men & women who are transitioning through relationship loss, divorce recovery, dating, online dating, courting, rebuilding, refinement, empowerment, personal discovery, great reads, business, products, services and yes, even some taboo topics. 

It wasn’t until 3 years later that she met Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Dr. Christopher Salute. 

“Cece is without a doubt one of the most positive people on the planet. Her faith and integrity are unmatched. The minute she asked me to be a guest on one of her shows, I knew that she was special.” – Dr. Christopher Salute, Former Editor In Chief, Bold Magazine, fabUplus Magazine

Staying Bold 

Beginning ten plus years ago, Bold Magazine, one of two crown jewel properties of Bold Holdings, LLC (formerly Bold Media, Inc.) has covered women’s sports, business, media, and fashion. Having switched solely to plus size news and information in 2014, CEO Christopher Salute showed he was ready to take the leap as a straight, white, cisgender male in a new and highly diverse space… a leap that was not without challenges. In 2021, Bold has expanded to own multiple magazines, a Brand Management Company, radio shows, microblogs and more. 

Found in a statement on his websites and blogs, Salute has decided to sell the largest plus size media brand in the world. 

“I reached a point in 2020 where both professionally and personally, I decided it was time to exit the world of plus size advocacy, including, but not limited to my owned magazines, blogs, meetup groups, events, brand management agency …” said Dr. Salute “Of course, after making significant investments in two new magazines, this decision has continued to be a struggle as so much of my identity has been wrapped in the business that I loved so much.” 

But, that doesn’t mean that Salute is no longer Bold. 

“I love helping folks and growing; that’s never going to stop, ” says Salute. “I am bold.” 

Salute is building some new ideas out that will help others experience the same growth he has, personally and professionally 

The Men’s Network

“There is something to be said about men seeking help and becoming better versions of themselves nowadays. A combination of toxic behavior, gender differences, accountability, and cancel culture have placed men in a really precarious spot.” says Salute. “We want to help.” 

That’s why Shatz and Salute are creating the “Going Bold Network,” a Men’s Channel within the Going Solo Network, Through personal growth, experiences, expertise and a roster of new hosts, they plan to provide a safe space for men to grow into 2022 and beyond. 

Their First Show together will be entitled “The Netflix and Chill Date.” Hosted by Cece Shatz and Dr. Christopher Salute

“You can’t grow if you’re afraid to admit your mistakes,” says Salute. 

When asked about the meaning behind Going Bold, Shatz says…”So often in life today we are simply existing, Going Bold represents looking within and embracing your life to become who you are meant to be”  

The programming has already started to take shape and includes hosts Christopher Salute, Cece Shatz, Roulette Delgado, Neil McMullin, and more! Show topics include gender differences, the LGBTQ community, dating, mental health, family, physical health, business, and more. 

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