From That Professor Life by Christopher Salute

It’s so exciting when we transition, isn’t it? But, excitement isn’t always comfortable. A roller coaster is exciting. A roller coaster isn’t comfortable. Haunted graveyards? Exciting. Not comfortable. 

I reached a point in 2020 where both professionally and personally, I decided it was time to exit the world of plus size advocacy, including, but not limited to my owned magazines, blogs, meet up groups, events, brand management agency, etc. etc. Of course, after making significant investments in two new magazines, this decision has continued to be a struggle as so much of my identity has been wrapped in the business that I loved so much. 

A combination of the evolution of the plus size media space, the COVID pandemic, and my own personal and professional goals have helped me to understand that our magazine and media group will be in better hands than mine, going forward, as I let go. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a short transition. Due to the nature of our media and the pandemic ( despite popular belief), there are many months that I use personal funding to continue the business. I have been unable to find stakeholders who can or are willing to put that level of financial support into the brands before they gain/regain profitability. 

As the transition moves nearer, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the plus size universe. And, I am excited to say that I will no longer be an anchor to the media brand that will bring more plus size news to you. 

Stayed tuned for more exciting news as we transition our magazine and media company into the hands of plus size women.