An Original Post from That Professor Life

Did you know I had followers? A lot… a lot more… than I do now. Did you know I even tried to build a following. Between Bold and my personal accounts, I had closer to 100,000 followers. It was absurd. 

And, then it all crashed. It all crashed into a million pieces. My personal relationships were impacted. My professional world was, too. And, it was one of very few times that I felt completely helpless. My mental health was majorly impacted, as was my physical health. 

So, I got back into my work, again. I built personal relationships that were stronger. I deleted every shred of social media out there except for Facebook. I even stopped working on my magazines. This lasted over a year and life was good. But, I did miss that social interaction that social media brought. And, I missed writing for my publications. So, I re-engaged. 

But, I promised myself not to get caught up in being in the limelight. I promised myself to be a better person, treat people with more kindness and respect. 

And, I broke that promise. As I rebuilt myself in the best ways, rebuilt my faith, I lost myself in that same pattern. That ego of likes and comments… and it follows and new platforms and proving to people that I was likable. 

But, when you’re a former bullied fat nerd with various historical events that shaped your need for constant approval… you’re never likable enough. I built multiple thriving businesses, made major changes in various industries, and still went back online to look for likes. Yup, Christopher Salute…. doctor, professor, dean, lover, friend, family member, dog father… needed to be shown love from random strangers. 

And, who did I surround myself? Folks with more likes. More follows. More “friends.” 

Who are truly your friends? Beginning engagement groups to change up the instagram algorithm. Dueting on Tik Tok. Connecting with folks all over the internet, casually…. 


We’ve created space fillers, not friendships. We’ve created a world of swipes and silliness. I own a business. I have a job. I have a family and close friends. I am searching for a partner who can slow me down… help me remember who I am at night when I am feeling down. None of that is casual and I don’t need likes to get there. 

You’ll see more posts from me about local businesses I want to support… including my own. And, I do love the art of photography. 

But, I am not trying to influence you… I don’t think I ever wanted to. I just wanted to you know I was there. I am here… and only those who are invited can have my time, here.