A note from CEO Christopher Salute, originally on That Professor Life

It’s been a long time since I’ve written for any of my magazines. I do take some time to write once in a while about my history and things I think need to be said. For example, our article on the death of Kristie Storms, one that I am still praying over.

I was still transitioning out of my role as “head of content” for Bold Magazine when when I met Kristen Pickrell, who started the conversation with me about some photos of her wearing our token Bold Magazine deep purple. 

We transitioned into a conversation that was more personal, which I will not share. I felt such a draw to this person, one that I still can’t fathom. It was over the internet and across the country. I was smitten, immediately and hoped that she felt the same way, despite our very surface level immediate conversation.

There was also an heir of professionalism and creativity which I would later find out were both very deeply rooted within her. Kristen has done SO much in such a short period of time (she’s my age):

  • Costume Design
  • Set Design
  • TONS of other Set/Film work
  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Modeling
  • Writing
  • Advocacy
  • Public Speaking
  • Design
  • There’s a lot more… she’s a true renaissance woman

I am not going to give you the details of a personal relationship between an ex and I. As I’ve written and said plenty of times on my radio show, The Barbershop with Christopher Salute, it’s not the right thing to do. But, as you can imagine, we’re no longer together, because I would be by her side, at this moment. And, I have learned a great deal from that relationship. It was a tumultuous yet incredible 18 months that have molded the person I am more than I usually admit.

Everyone comes into your life for a reason. I firmly believe that. I wish I could share the intensity and the details of how much I have learned while spending my brief time with Kristen and the 8 months I’ve spent reflecting on it. But, that’s not the purpose of this post. Since the moment we decided to separate, I prayed for her, almost daily. I prayed that she found the person she wanted, who treated her with the kindness and respect that I wished for her.

I also prayed that Kristen’s impact on this world would continue after she and I separated. She has done so much for so many… so many professions and communities, friends and family members… I prayed that she would return to her life and continue to conquer everything she wanted to.

Relationships end. We know this. Especially during the age of tinder swipes and Facebook where the next space filler is just around the corner. You tend to trade the known quality for the unknown quantity…

Well, I can only pray so much. I am sure she was on her way to crushing every goal she had for 2021… until unfortunately, her health was compromised. Kristen Pickrell needs more prayers, today. She also needs your support. I’ve done what I can, when I can (I am also using a public photo that has already been published, so as to not upset her, should this make it around the world of plus size gossip…). She has been an incredible light for so many and has changed the lives of so many, as well.

Kristen has been diagnosed with some severe medical conditions. This, from her “Go Fund Me” …

“Unfortunately, Kristy has [recently] began to suffer from [severe] medical issues. Right now she is facing stage 5 kidney failure and the doctors are working tirelessly to try and figure out what is causing it. She has been in the hospital and is not able to work. Although she has insurance, the plan cost $600 a month. In addition to this cost, she is also going to need 2 chemo treatments a month which cost $6000 dollars each. This does not include all of the other experiential medications, doctor bills, hospital bills, and monthly living expenses that she has to cover.”

From Kristen’s Go Fund Me, written by a family friend

Please, take some time to connect with this “Go Fund Me” account and help Kristen Pickrell. You can also see it below: 


And, whatever you decide to call it, be it prayer or positive karma… please send it her way. I, unfortunately, cannot bare to watch many of the videos she’s been posting. And, we’re no longer in touch for a variety of reasons. But, I’ve done a lot of reflecting and I hope and pray that the good being done by sharing this will outweigh any potential hard feelings there may be for calling attention to it. I owe it to her and when someone’s life is impacted this way, I hope you can help, too. If you feel you’ve ever been inspired by me, before… wanted to support me for my work… then please redirect that to Kristen. 

Money comes and goes. So do “friends.” I’ve learned that repeatedly since 2019… the same year I met Kristen.

But love is to be cherished…as is health. Please donate and pray.