From Dr. Christopher Salute’s That Professor Life Blog

We conducted a brief scrape of employments sites and found the following in demand job skills

EX design

Search engine optimization (SEO)




Data and metrics interpreting

Social media marketing

IT Troubleshooting

But, here’s a funny list to compare it to: The Top College Majors in 2021.

Business and Management







Finance and Accounting

Criminal Justice

Anthropology and Sociology

Do you know what that means? That means that the University you’ve spent a lot of money on didn’t actually prepare you for the job you want. 

So what can you do to prepare yourself? Elon Musk says his children are educated off of YouTube… so if you have the network of a billionaire… you’re good with a few videos. If you’re like the rest of us… 

Stacked certificates are the way to go. 

What are stacked certificates? They are certificates that don’t take FOUR YEARS (like traditional diplomas) to complete. You can earn certificates in anything: 

Human Resources



Data Analytics 

Microsoft Certification 

Even Antiquing

Be careful what you choose, because we want to find a skill that’s actually useful and employable. Now, what about this “Stacked” concept? 

Stacking certificates means that you compile several certificates. Did you really need those courses in English literature to become a stockbroker? How about that gym class? Classes in coding, analytics, finance, etc. can be much more useful and can be “stacked” to give you the resume you need to be successful. 

Our US economy is rapidly moving towards a “gig economy” with several smaller projects per year making up ones income. You need to be as agile as the economy. Four year degrees are great… but certificates are much more resourceful. 

Bootcamps all over the country can provide these skills. Java and Data Analytics, for example, can be found at Cogent University. Cogent University is a boot-camp-to-job-placement program specializing in Java Development, Data Analytics, and Cyber Security with over ten years of experience and success in training and placing 600+ candidates in 57 Cohorts.