It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on any of our sites. But, I suppose it’s time. After years of being told I don’t belong anywhere near the brand I built and the magazines we own, I was starting to believe it. But, I really don’t like bullies. And, it’s part of why I started Bold Magazine (Now Bold Holdings). Over the course of the past 11 years, we have: 

  • Had some of the most successful events in the Plus Size Universe
  • Coined phrases like Plus Size Universe 😛 
  • Consistently print our magazine
  • Attend and speak at events all over the country
  • Managed to purchase and revive our sister magazine, fabUplus Magazine
  • Purchased Strutter Magazine, which will be in print in 2021
  • Make a major impact in the Plus Size Universe in so many other areas

The goal for me, as the CEO of Bold Holdings, is to find partners and investors to take our magazines over. I repeat, I do not want (and have not wanted) to run these magazines for quite some time. Unfortunately, my decision to do this will always correspond with the events that took place in 2019 when I was attacked by a group of bloggers who felt a hetero cis white male who dates plus size women should not run these magazines. But, whether you believe it or not, my decision happened before that. 

But, for now, I am one of the largest owners of this partnership group and have unfortunately had to come back to creating content, for a bit, while we hire the best folks to usher us into 2022 and beyond. 

We are in a unique situation at Bold Holdings, which includes Bold Magazine, fabUplus Magazine, Strutter Magazine, as well as 17 microblogs. We love creating content. We are darn good at it! But, we cannot afford to continue to do so. COVID-19 has really taken its toll on us and we are struggling to to bring in the advertising sales we need to print our magazines and seep our sites running. 

To be clear, it was never easy. It’s one of the main reasons we purchased the magazines we did. All magazines struggle. So, before you get into the whole “Do you see what happened? He bought the magazines and they are failing!” 

  • 1- They are not failing
  • 2- They are in better shape then they have ever been
  • 3- We’re trying to make these magazines pillars in a community that has been fragmented. This is the most ambitious we’ve been. We could easily run blogs for much less money. But, we are trying to keep our plus size advocacy in print and on shelves
  • 4- We cannot do it alone! 

How can you help? There are a few ways to get involved. We will list a few: 

1- We’re always selling our magazines and calendars here

2- You can also donate to our Go Fund Me, which is right here.

3- Lastly, we will be posting a series of blog posts about ways to get involved as an advertiser or investor. We’re really excited to connect with you! 

Thank you for reading and, as always… BE BOLD!