So, here’s the deal… traveling is fun as hell! And, so are spa days. You know what isn’t fun? Looking at your bank account all the time because you are transitioning to a new area and left your position so that you can move across the country without a safety net or many friends or family members in the area and you have an anxious dog you just want to keep safe and a long distance relationship you are trying to improve upon with a shorter commute… 

What just happened? I blacked out.

Anyways, I decided to share my experience in how I used some creativity and a bit of finance savvy to create a fun and relaxing spa day for either yourself or with your beloved that will create long-lasting memories!

So, here we are in Las Vegas. Some unforeseen circumstances had me spending a little bit more than I wanted to on the trip. It’s hard when you’re in a long distance relationship because every time you see each other, someone is flying. Do I want to spen $750 on a date night? Sure I do! But, I just spent that on the flight alone. So, I’m trying to be thrifty, right?

Still, it doesn’t stop my desire to treat my honey to a spa day.

But, a spa day? What in the world? You can’t do that!

Sure I can! Check it out:

Hotel room? Check.

Beautiful partner? Check!

Time? Uh… check, more time than money, right?

So, here’s what I did: I packed my suitcase with coconut oil, lotion, nail clippers and files, shavers, shaving cream, teeth whiteners, hair products, eye cream, my hair clippers, etc. I even found some cool face masks and ginger masks that I had gotten as a gift this past holiday. Instant spa day!

But, what’s a spa day without snacks? The day prior, we had spent some time in Eataly at Park MGM (that’s where we were staying for a few nights) and I made a little cheese board out of the grocery aisles. Well, that was a treat! But, we didn’t want to spend that same amount again. So, we stopped at a little Italian deli off the Vegas strip and got some cheeses, meats, breads, veggies, and a few beers (yes, I know the champagne is probably the preferred beverage, but we both wanted a beer. Sue us!)

  • Al the spa things
  • So much food
  • our Italian deli!

We had a few hours before we had to be at dinner and then a few hours after dinner (we wanted to see a show and we had a discount on- two for one to the Excalibur Knights of the Roundtable). Was it ideal? No, but we had to split up our night and do some spa-ing before and some spa-ing after!

So, in the afternoon, we had some snacks, put on some masks, relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company, etc. Clipped our nails, trimmed our hair, showered, hung out in robes, etc. And, then went to dinner!

This little mini sandwich was incredible

After dinner, we broke out lotions and oils and I gave my darling a massage, put on some eye cream, and popped in a movie. We didn’t have time to hit up the pool or the hot tub, but obviously those options would have been lovely!

So, there are obviously pros and cons to an in-home or in-hotel spa day. The cons are that you don’t have a spa day! Haha!

Here are the pros:

  • It’s much less expensive and much more budget friendly!
  • With your relaxed day at the “spa,” you don’t need to walk trek all the way back up to your hotel room! You can just chill, relax, and nap!
  • You can take turns massaging each other so that yours are the only hands on your partner! 
  • On that note, you can rub the special parts of each other like pressure points at the feet or butt without worrying about being inappropriate! 
  • And, you can spend all day with your “spa treatment” and take breaks without paying someone for the time! 

We had a blast during our spa day. Let us know how yours turns out!