A Self-Care Article from our very own Katherine Dean of Bold Magazine

Hello Wealthy Women Within!

It’s been my experience that many of my girlfriends that prioritize family, career, love, friendships & future all have one thing in common. The lack of Self-Care! There are many reasons, but mainly because we are so concerned to “Get It Right,” lift everyone around us, juggle all that is important to us while living up to a huge societal standard.

“Having It All”

These are the top bold 9 steps to preserve your brilliance, prioritize yourself while “having it all.”

Your Worth

Life gets busy, it gets really busy when you’re living a full life of Family, Career, Relationships & Friendships & very quickly we can lose sight of our life’s priorities. This is the exact time to Pause,use that Yield signand take time with yourself. Time to evaluate where you are and what your next chapter will be. That hustle and bustle of life certainly can derail our life’s ambitions and what is most important to you. Say NO to putting your life on the back burner & set aside at least 5 minutes a day to do a Self Check-In.

Bask in Your Creativity

When was the last time you set aside a weekend, a day or even a few hours to be creative. Creativity is what allows us to design our own lives. By definition Creativity means the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Make this a priority to allow yourself to create YOUR own life, not allow life to create you.

Manage Your Check & Balances

How often do you go to sleep at night and think I could have done “x” better or I wasn’t really present in “y” conversation. We all do! Just like Matthew McConaughey once said…”When you lay down on your pillow at night, no matter who is in your bed, we all sleep alone, these are your personal Jiminy Crickets and there aren’t enough cops in the world to police them. It’s on YOU, it’s on You.” Do a check in, are you aligned in your life, are you pursuing your dreams, are you making the world a better place defined by You?

Your Journal

Studies show that only 3 out of 100 people write down their goals & when you write down your goals you are 50% more likely to achieve them! Get that leg up on your life, journal about your goals, your life & re-focus on what matters most to you.

Your Success

Don’t compromise! Do what is important to you, your values & define what success is to you. Realize what does NOT make your heart sing and shift your life to not engage with those things anymore and start prioritizing what “MAKES YOU HEART SING” and you will be defining success for YOU. Let go of the things that aren’t serving you. Sometimes it’s a group of friends, sometimes it’s a company or a job, sometimes it’s health choices. If we take a few minutes to evaluate our own success we will quickly identify what isn’t serving our best selves.

Meditate & Be Still

When you’re unsure of your next move, your next chapter take the time to meditate and be still. This is where you’ll find the answers. This is where you’ll get clarity. With the overload of information coming at you it’s hard sometimes to know your own truth. Be still, clear your thoughts and your inner compass will guide you to what’s most important.

Celebrate YOUR Wins

Each day we have lots of mini-wins and there are days we have huge wins. Celebrate the wins. Celebrate the mini-wins. Celebrate your brilliance, the wins that make YOU you. Jot them down in your journal as you daily check-in. Society isn’t designed for us to celebrate the wins, it’s more designed for what didn’t happen in the day. But when we celebrate the wins we realize how incredible we truly are.

Your Gratitude

Find at least 10 things a day you can be grateful for. Now these will change daily but when you find the gratitude that energy will continue to surround you. A huge benefit from finding being grateful is the small things won’t get in your way & your life will be more meaningful and fulfilling.

Be In Nature

Mother Nature is a force & being in nature keeps us grounded. It allows you to just be. Be with oneself. Be with the miracles that surround us. Have you ever had that moment in your life when you recognize a tree, or a flower for the first time? Those miracles surround us every day but many days life just gets in the way. Spend time in Nature. A morning sunrise, an evening sunset, a walk in a park or through the woods. Close your eyes and just be.

These 9 steps will open up the world of having it all as you define it. As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, executive, sister and daughter I’ve known too many years of prioritizing my life defined by others. These are the tools that have provoked my curiosity for how I define my success, for how I define my life designed by me.

Keep on creating the life that makes your heart sing to the birds and your soul dance with the stars!

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